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Postby 1962BB » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:04 am

Have the Blue surpassed what you thought they might achieve in 2016 ? With two games to go and a record of 10 and 6 regardless of what happens now I think the Blue have exceeded my realistic expectations . I was hoping for , should I say realistically hoping for a 9 and 9 season and making the playoffs probably a cross over to the east . With two games to go the Blue could achieve something I would have never thought possible this year . How has this happened ? Thinking back I was quite happy the club signed Matt Nickels as a relief pitcher but still believing this was Drew Willy's team and hoping he was going to have a break out year . Wow that sure changed . Nickels is playing very well under Lapo's schemes . Overall improvement . What else changed ? I believe one of the biggest changes was the o line . Matt is getting better protection plain and simple . I really like that Bond guy at guard . He is friggin huge and yet moves quite well . Overall improvement . The Blue did a good job in the draft getting a steal of a player at 19th in Loffler ( did I spell his name correctly ?) Playing safety he has done a great job as a rookie . Overall improvement . The d line is not as improved as I thought it was going to be with the two free agent signings but they are I think a tiny bit better than last year . A tiny bit overall improvement . Linebackers doing well considering we have had many injuries at that position . I think once Wild comes back we are at least a tiny bit better than last year .Secondary deserves much credit considering the number of changes due to injuries the Blue have suffered . Overall better than last year . A good Canadian running back with a good import back up puts us in a better position than last year . The receivers are to me the big question mark . Dressler is good when not injured . Know one else has really stood out to me . Denmark good in flashes . Lets see what Gurley can do over next few games . Overall a small decrease from last year or at best the same as last year . The coaching seems to be more effective or is that simply a condition of having better players ? Last but not least is Kyle Walters and the scouting staff who have brought in players who have added depth to this team , depth which we have not seen in many years .
As per usual this is only my humble opinion of what has presented itself over the past 16 games . GO BLUE !
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Postby 1962BB » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:09 am

Whoops !! Me really bad . One of the most significant signings we had was Justin Medlock . Without him we would not have the record we presently have plain and simple . Accept my apology Justin.
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Postby Achilles » Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:47 pm

What a site. Took me about 15 mins to get in. Wrote a response to the last post and of course it was duplicated which has been happening recently. Went back to delete the redundant one and it cleared everything including the first one. Enough is enough. Good first post I tried to reply to.
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Postby road griller » Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:10 am

It is a good post. We are winning the close ones. I credit Justin.

He likes to kick the ball hard on game day, I like to party hard on game day. Real hard. A perfect fit.
Winners win, losers lose.
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