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Sask Fans Displaying Symptoms Of Losing

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Postby 1962BB » Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:33 pm

Well its really hit the fan in Riderville . The screaming by these Rider lovers were heard loud and far beginning with the Labor Day Classic loss . It was the refs fault that the beloved Riders feel to the hated Blue . It was that pass interference call that allowed Medlock to boot the winning field goal . Officiating in general in the CFL is now absolutely no good . Some fans are saying they won't watch the CFL any more this season .Apparently nothing else through out the entire game caused the defeat . After the Banjo Bowl the Rider forum was aghast over the alleged bias of Matt Dunnigan and his so called "homerisum" in favour of the Blue as if that had anything to do with the loss . The Rider forum is becoming a hot bed of defensiveness as apparently the entire CFL is now against their poor team . Name the subject and if it involves the Riders their must be some sort of bias or plot against that team . After all if it wasn't for the Riders the CFL would not exist as they are the best fans in the world and they spend more money buying CFL merchandise . Some of those fans have suggested stop buying CFL merchandise as a punishment towards the big bad league . Lets put all this in perspective . The Riders have a record of 5 wins and 30 losses in their last 35 games . This after having several years of a good football team reaching the Grey Cup several times and winning on their home field . These fans are really pissed and looking for someone and or something to blame , to vent their frustration . Many of these same fans will not look towards their messiah , coach and GM Jones . He appears almost untouchable regarding criticism . There appears a fear of admitting maybe Jones is not the football god that Sask fans thought he was . To admit such appears to admit that yes , they are attracted to their cousins . That is just something very few are prepared to say out loud . We here in Manitoba know a little bit about losing . After all we haven't made the playoffs since 2011 and during that time displayed some of the worst football I have ever seen in my life . I can actually sympathize with these fans . Heck I remember being so very upset at all the Blue loses . Life is not always fair particularly in football . But then I remember the extreme ridicule directed our way during our years of futility by those same Sask fans who are screaming they are victims now . Maybe I am simply a more respectful person but you know , I still feel for those fans . A 5 and 30 record in the last 35 games will do that to a person .
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Postby 1962BB » Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:23 am

Just reading the Rider fan forum with a new post topic being the recent news from a mother attending the Banjo Bowl with her 9 year old son . I presume most of us have now heard this story . Briefly a mother and son attended the game cheering on the Blue , the son wearing his Bomber shirt . The child became cold and put on a green sweater . Towards the end of the game this 9 year old had beer poured on him , insults directed his way and towards his mother when she intervened in protecting her son . Apparently the boy became frightened for his safety . I do find this behavior directed towards the boy and mother quite sickening and deplorable and is not reflective of any Bomber fan I want to be associated with . In fact I truly hope these culprits are identified and dealt with by the authorities . However most of the Rider fans on their site have now used this piece to further denigrate and insult all Blue fans and the entire city of Winnipeg using highly provocative and inflammatory words . This appears a big deal to these Rider fans as if this type of disgusting behavior only occurs in Winnipeg . It sadly happens in Regina as well . In fact there are idiots in all cities of the CFL . This new post on the Rider site again reflects the frustration , anger and yes jealousy of the Winnipeg Football Club and the success the Blue are having in relation to the quite pathetic season the Riders are again experiencing . This post reflects a diversion for these Rider fans , an opportunity to lash out at something , to be highly critical and sanctimonious of someone else rather than having to think about their own team circumstances . Although this is another symptom of losing for Sask fans , one cannot help but feel sorrow for the mom and son and embarrassed to be a Blue fan .
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