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Postby Colin Unger » Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:40 pm

Welcome to Ourbombers.com. You've found the online home for Blue Bomber fans from all over the world.

Before you jump into the various conversations on the board please take a minute and read our rules. As you post remember that there is a variety of people reading your comments here, so post appropriately.

A Few Tips On Registering Here• Choose a normal user name. If you use something like "hdfses4234233" then you more than likely will have your registration deleted.
• No full names of actual people, other than yourself. If you register with the name of Milt Stegall, TJ Rubley, or any other known person, your registration will be deleted.
• Try to use a normal email address. While I don't mind Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail accounts, if you use some off the wall address that looks fishy, your registration will be deleted.

Commercial Messages, Spam, and False Articles

Posting any ad on this board without the permission of ourbombers.como is prohibited, period. Registering for the purpose of posting ads or to recruit members to other sites will result in your account being deleted.

While signature links are acceptable, Spam isn’t allowed. Posting Spam here will result in immediate deletion of your account.

It is up to the posting member to verify the material they post. If an article is represented as factual and turns out to be altered by you for your own purposes, your account will be deleted.

Posting Off Site Articles

If you post an article or story from another news site, your post should include a link to the original website the article came from. Posting of entire articles will not be permitted. Please only post a small portion of the article along with a link to the full and original article. This is due to copyright infringement requirements. Full articles will be edited or deleted. Please avoid articles or links to articles from paid subscription sites, as most users will not be able to access them.

Duplicate Threads

Read first, it's very possible that someone has already posted on the same topic. Please join the existing thread instead of starting another on the same subject. We want your thoughts. Everyone who joins this board is encouraged to participate in the forums. Just one hint: What you just learned might not be new here. We have thousands of members and they're all over Blue Bomber news. At least check the first page to make sure someone else hasn't beaten you to the punch.

All multiple threads on the same subject will be merged or deleted as appropriate. Please use the search feature of this forum to check to see if a particular subject matter has been posted. We will try to keep the earliest thread on the subject and merge or delete all subsequent threads.

As an example, if there is a general discussion on a player then add your thoughts to the existing thread. But if it involves a signing or a release of a player from an existing thread, then it is fine to post a new thread due to the nature of the news, provided someone else doesn't beat you to it.

Misplaced Threads

Any thread placed in the wrong forum will either be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted altogether.

Smack talk belongs in the Smack Talk Forum. Posting smack in other forums will not be tolerated.

Private Messages

Our board includes Private Messaging (PMs) for members to enjoy personal, private conversations online. Using PMs to spam or bother members of this board will not be tolerated and can result in the deletion of your account.

If any member receives a PM they feel is offensive, spamming or simply unwanted, please report it to the board staff at once.

Personal Attacks and Offensive Language/Material

Posts containing obscene, profane, threatening, harassing, offensive, vulgar, racial, abusive, hateful or bashing language or images will not be tolerated and will be removed. This board uses a word filter list. Skirting the word filter list so that inappropriate language will show up is frowned upon and can result in your post being edited or deleted.

Trolling is not permitted. This is a bombers board. We are under no obligation to give equal time to other team's fans. If you're a fan of another team, be respectful, or you'll be gone.

"Good fan" / "Bad fan" posts are not permitted. Just because you disagree with someone's views doesn't mean that they're not as much of a fan as you are. Disagree and respond to the post, do not attack the poster.

Posts that contain explicit, obscene or vulgar images, or links to such images, will be removed without notice.

Violation can result in the deletion of your account.

If you see such a post, please do not respond in kind. Instead, use the report post function, the red exclamation point button, which will notify board staff.

Treatment of Moderators

Our moderators work extremely hard and do the best job they can. If you are unhappy with a decision being made by a moderator DO NOT post this complaint on the forum. This will result in an instant suspension. Complaints should be emailed to webmaster@ourbombers.com.

Policy on Twitter

There are two types of Twitter accounts one being the standard public account and the other being private. So we have different policies for each type of account.

Public: If a player posts something on a public account feel free to mention it on Ourbombers.com regardless of whether it is football related or not.

Private: If something is personal and not football related do not post that on Ourbombers.com. However, if you are on their accepted list of followers on the private account and they post something football/cfl related feel free to post it here. If a player wants this to be removed from ourbombers.com they can email webmaster@ourbombers.com or tweet twitter.com/bluebomberscfl
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