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Ron on HNIC said something fell through with ICE EDGE?

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Postby cdnfreak » Mon May 10, 2010 8:49 pm

Anyone have any further info on this?
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Postby cdnfreak » Mon May 10, 2010 8:56 pm

As just reported on CBC sports, Talks have broken down between Ice Edge and Glendale on the lease agreement. "Our Phone's are on but our pencils are down" - Ice Edge
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Postby Charger27 » Tue May 11, 2010 11:02 am

Things are very different this year in Arizona.
Last year, everyone was fighting over the Coyotes - this year, the last of the hearty are falling one at a time, and quickly.

Reinsdorf has quietly disappeared... presumably because he asked Glendale for concessions that were easily rejected.
Now Ice Edge want exclusivity in lease negotiations, along with the yet undisclosed details for Glendale to subsidize losses next year.
Bottom line - Ice Edge is still trying to raise the money necessary to make their deal fly... and the NHL's side deal with Glendale is crucial because the league does not want to fund a continuing deficit if this year's proceedings follow last year's script.
And IE still are not convinced themselves that the NHL is viable in Phoenix, because their plan calls for games to be played in Canada!

The NHL and Bettman have grossly miscalculated their ability to get a buyer in place (for Arizona) while they were scrapping to keep Balsillie from taking the team to Hamilton.
Balsillie may be a bit of a bullmoose in his style, but he knows that Nashville or Phoenix will make it in Hamilton, but not their present locations.
It appears the NHL will be forced to admit that hard fact as well after taking huge losses for a year.

For Bettman to repair the NHL - he has to abandon his own mission statement from the early years... which was to plug teams into the US southern markets in the hope that the American TV networks would acknowledge the NHL as one of the national majors, and offer broadcast contracts accordingly.
That has long since failed - now the NHL is saddled with a bunch of franchises that are on life support, or close to it.
They either have to move them, or face contraction... and shortly - before the south teams pull the entire league down.

Start with giving Winnipeg their Jets back - and at the same time HOPE that the Thompson group is actually interested and not just kicking the tires looking for a fire sale.

Fact is, the NHL will run out of suitable or potentially viable spots for the franchises before they have all the trouble spots covered.
Florida, Tampa, Atlanta, Carolina, New York Islanders, Phoenix, Nashville, Columbus, Dallas (new owners pending)... are all struggling to varying degrees.
Call it at least 8 teams in trouble.

Possible locations?
Winnipeg (Thompson), Quebec, Hamilton (Balsillie), Kansas City (Reinsdorf), Seattle.
Even if all 5 of those locations work out, that leaves the NHL a couple venues short.
Saskatoon? A second team in Toronto? Moncton?
Let the speculation and dreaming begin.
The opportunity for some of these places to get into the bidding will never be better than it is right now.
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right." Henry Ford
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Postby Hollywood2 » Tue May 11, 2010 3:59 pm

There is a meeting tonight in Glendale where their council has to approve a deal. If they vote no then its 50-50 on the Winnipeg Jets rising like a Phoenix!
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Postby Charger27 » Tue May 11, 2010 5:11 pm

Beyond the obvious reason for optimism for Winnipeg - that being the unlikely event that Glendale council, who's city itself is in major debt, approves the dubious lease proposal from Ice Edge or the NHL's request for insurance against their own inept handling of the Coyote situation... there are two interesting tidbits that have come out in the last hour or two.
1. Daryl Jones of Ice Edge has resorted to calling the Glendale city officials names on twitter... "a bunch of ____"
2. The NHL has drawn two schedules... 1 for Phoenix and 1 for Winnipeg.

Sounds like Winnipeg has definitely moved up to plan B, if not 1A at this point.
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right." Henry Ford
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Postby blueandgold2k » Tue May 11, 2010 5:23 pm

Looks like Glendale may have tied their own noose on this one. A week or two ago they pretty much kicked Ice Edge Holdings out of the picture hoping it would increase the chances of getting the deal done with Reinsdorf, he's the one Glendale and the NHL really wanted all along. But his offer got derailed last week and was knocked off the table. At that point Glendale had no other customers at the table...so they scrambled to get Ice Edge Holdings back into the conversation.

The NHL requires the new owner (be it Ice Edge or whoever) to cover the operating losses of the Coyotes for next season. Now, with Ice Edge backing out over not getting exclusivity, which only makes sense. If they're going to go through with this deal, they don't want another party jumping in trying to pick up some of the revenue while leaving Ice Edge on the hook for any losses. Why Glendale didn't give them that....who knows. Perhaps they thought bringing Ice Edge back might somehow get Reinsdorf back to the table...who knows, stupid move on their part. Now the NHL has said they'll keep the team in Phoneix another season with no owner....BUT they're done bailing out the team (guess hell finally froze over). So essentially the City of Glendale would have to cover whatever the financial losses would be next season....which would be pretty hefty. But there are citizens in Glendale who are NOT happy with the idea of their city shelling out possibly a couple million dollars, to keep a team in the city that nobody cares about. Sure if the team in question was called the Cardinals, Diamond Backs, or Suns....it'd be different. But people in Arizona actually GO to those games, so they wouldn't be in that position to begin with.

The major player it seems, backing the True North group is Dave Thompson, who is some billionaire. He's already stated that he could cover the losses for the NHL "out of pocket" (must be nice). That's huge hurdle #1. And with his money and the Chipman family involved, I can't see how the NHL would have a problem with the ownership group. Which leaves the facility, a 15,000 seat arena might be "small" for the NHL, but let's face it, how many NHL arenas are selling out every night. Not to mention the MTS Centre was built with this possibility in mind, and can be expanded to roughly 18,500 capacity.

So from the sounds of it, Ice Edge is out....Reinsdorf is out, and the NHL is only sticking around if Glendale decides to bail out the team. If they vote not to, then the NHL looks for new owners. Winnipeg, Quebec City and Kansas City are on the short list. Out of those 3, it looks like Winnipeg is the only one with an ownership group, money, financing to cover the losses, and an NHL size arena all ready right now.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Bettman, and the NHL could use a dose of some good publicity. Bettman has to know that he's kinda viewed as a version of Darth Vader (just as evil...way less threatening) to Canadian hockey fans for killing the Nordiques and the Jets. If he could posture himself to look like the one who made the decision to bring the Jets back to Winnipeg, with all the hype and talk there's been over the past 15 years about it....it'd definitely help is reputation.

I think in the wake of the recession, Bettman's learning that American billionaires are not as likely to throw around cash to keep teams in cities that don't care about them. Slowly I think he's realizing that if the NHL is going to survive, they have to re-invest into Canada and the passion the country has for hockey.
"Kevin Glenn goes long to Milt Stegall.....and he's got it......AND HE'S GONE....." -Bob Irving (during his near heart attack at Commonwealth)
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