Welcome Back

If you’ve come to this site expecting a Winnipeg Blue Bombers forum than I suggest you head over to MorningBigBlue.com where I’ve been posting for years. Yes, Ourbombers.com is back but no it’s not going to be anything like it was before. In fact, my plan is to use this site as my personal Sports Blog where I plan on creating articles on a variety of sports subjects. I will talk about the Winnipeg Jets, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Baseball, NFL, you name it. I have long since wanted to find a way to bring this domain back but launching a Blue Bomber Forum in 2018 is just not the way to do it. I hope you enjoy the opinions and insights I plan on providing and feel free to talk to me in the comments section of this blog.

Let’s Go Bombers!!

Colin Unger

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